USA / Canada Upload! July 26th 2016

July 26, 2016

Not much of an upload today.  But that's okay with me.  I spent more than I should have last week.  My wallet is still trying to recover.

(Not too crazy about all these stripes in all directions)

(I kinda love this color!  So pretty for Spring and Summer.)


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  1. Hey! Have you seen the post by Luluaddict about CRBs being discontinued? I was suspecting something with all the CRBs that were uploaded recently to WMTM. If this is true, this is really bad news for us die hard CRB fans!

    1. Oh wow thanks for the heads up. I just saw the post. I'm only a fan of the heathered CRBs. But considering I have 7 of those I can't complain. If they decide to discontinue the Swiftly tanks then I'll really be in trouble. Grab up all the CRBs that you can now!


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