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Review! Lululemon Ear Loop Face Mask

  Hope everyone had a nice weekend and celebrated some love. If you're single there's nothing wrong with some self care and loving yourself! Sounds corny, but it's all truth. Take a bath, or take an extra long shower. That's always my #1 go to in self care. Do something for YOU. So, with that I have a review of Lululemon's updated face mask with ear loops. If you're interested in the original double strap version, you can check out  my review .  Let's take a look at the fabric and the inside of the face mask. The spacer fabric is thinner than the double strap version. They removed the seam down the middle of the mask and left just a bit of the nose piece. There's also a seam going across near the bottom of the mask for the jawline.  Adjustable ear loops! Ear Loop Face Mask (Currently sold out, but I expect they will restock eventually.) Before I get into it, please excuse my quarantine haircut! My husband did the best he could but it needs some cleaning

Fit Review Friday! Sweaty Betty Essentials Sweatshirt and Gary Luxe Fleece Pants

Happy Friday! For all those celebrating Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, I hope you have a fantastic time! Today I have something a little different. I have not tried anything from Sweaty Betty in years. I'm thinking maybe close to five years. I recently browsed their website and saw they had some nice looking pullovers that looked extra cozy so I had to try it.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For Sweaty Betty I am size XXS/XS in tops and XS short in bottoms. Essentials Sweatshirt Mid Gray Marl Size XS This soft cotton pullover fits oversized. I wasn't sure if I would be the XS or XXS since I haven't purchased from Sweaty Betty in a long time but if I were to purchase this again, I would buy the XXS. It's just slightly too big but it's so comfortable I decided to keep it! It's a medium weight sweatshirt with soft terry fabric on the inside. It's definitely a lot softer than Lululemon's Perfe

Upload! February 9th 2021

What do you guys think about this upload? Not much speaks to me but the flocked  Get In Line Bra  is really interesting. I wonder how that feels? Also interesting is you can tumble dry low! 😱 I am shocked! New color ripened raspberry which is too bright for me. And this Neo Mint  Everywhere Belt Bag  is bringing back childhood memories. I loved that color as a kid! Anything for you? Lululemon is making my low-buy 2021 pretty easy so far. I'm also taking requests for fit reviews. Leave a comment if there's something you'd like to see!  Get In Line Bra A/B Violet Verbena (I actually want to try this bra, this velvety flocked detail sounds intriguing.) Forward Fold Bra C/D Violet Verbena Swiftly Tech LS Flocked Black Train To Be SS Regatta Blue Train To Be SS Rain Stripe Deep Fuchsia Rulu Running Cropped 1/2 Zip Dark Terracotta Melodic Movement LS Black All Yours Crop Tank Cafe Au Lait (I dig this outfit!) Swiftly Tech SS Shine Regatta Blue Train To Be LS Distrupted Herringbo

My Birthday Post and Naked Cashmere Review!

So this is 40. Seems like my 30s went by extremely fast. My celebratory weekend was filled with lots of take out and treats! And of course I also had to get a new bag. This is actually a vintage bag from 2005. A baby Chloe Paddington. Do you guys remember when it was the "It" bag? There were waitlists and all the celebrities had this bag in some color hanging off the crook of their arms. I actually had a couple of these back in the day but sold them off because they were very heavy. This is the baby size version. Much easier to carry. I do love my vintage bags! This one came all the way from Japan and is in mint condition. I'm loving this navy blue with gold hardware. Also arrived just in time are these lovely Golden Gingham Mary Janes . I am so glad I got these before my size sold out! I'll have a review up soon. My lovely co-workers sent me some cookies that were still warm! Soooo good. I love cookies that are fresh out of the oven. Popped a chocolate chip cookie ri