Upload! July 6th 2020

July 6, 2020

Lululemon decided to sneak in an early upload last night. I have added quite a few items to my cart. Let me know if there's something you would like to see a review of. I've already have one request for Ready to Roll Crew. And in case you missed it, I posted a fit review of Perfectly Oversized Crew.

Did you order anything? 

(I have this in my cart.)

(I kind of like this one.)

(I kind of like this too.)

(I know someone was really waiting for this.)

(These look really cute, I'm obsessed with joggers lately. They're 26" long which I don't know if I believe because they look full length on the model.)

(I usually love diamond dye but not a fan of this one.)

(So after reading all the reviews on these, a lot of them complain about how wide the leg holes are. They look like they would make comfy lounge shorts but for $70? Hm....)

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  1. YESSS - the Muscle Love Tank *Tough uploaded! I'm the one who has been waiting, and I checked out so fast! :D (It already shipped, too!)

    I also really wanted the Final Mile Crop Tank, but I ended up talking myself out of it--even in fun Dark Prism Pink. For $68 it's too expensive to have a weird front seam and no bra. If it ends up on WMTM, I'll grab it but not for full price.

    1. Woo hoo! Let me know how you like it! I definitely feel the pain with Lululemon's pricing these days!

    2. Meh, I'm underwhelmed. The material is thick and woven (but stretchy). I don't love it--would prefer Lux or Nulux. It's going back.

    3. I hate when that happens. Well at least now you know!

  2. I like the Cherry Tint Stroll at Sundown shorts. I want the Inner Glow shorts but $70 is a lot!
    I got another Quiet Within Bra in black now I have two hehe... I want to get the coral too!

    1. I know! Why are they $70? I wonder if I can find a similar pair else where.... I bet I could.

      Oh nice! I have all three colors of the Quiet Within Bra- they are really comfortable. I hope Lulu releases a few more colors in this style.

  3. The Tracker Short V 4“ arrived. It fits TTS and the fitting is better than the Hotty Hot Short 4”. Having said that, I’m probably not going to keep it. The rise is lower than expected and the short openings are a bit too wide and flare out like a skirt. Not too flattering on my body I’m afraid.

    The Inner Glow Short 3” looks promising but it’s insanely expensive! Like you said, we probably can find something similar elsewhere!

    1. Looks like you're 0-2 for shorts! Maybe try a high rise pair next time?

      I still don't understand why shorts are so expensive these days!

  4. Size 2 fits well at the waist but the bottom flares out like a skirt LOL! Gotta look somewhere else for shorts!


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