Fit Review! Vuori Performance Hoodie

May 31, 2020

Before I get into the review I just want to say that I feel really frivolous that I'm still blogging about hoodies and writing fit reviews when it seems like the world is coming to an end. I know a lot of you come to my blog as an escape and I don't want to let you down. If you're here for a distraction- to get your mind off of everything going on, it is why I'm still posting. Otherwise, I think I would have taken tonight off. 


Ever since the pandemic I've been seeing ads for Vuori plastered all over my Facebook feed. After clicking on some of the posts and reading all the raving comments, my curiosity was piqued. Vuori is a brand I never even heard of. After a bit of Googling, I've learned they're a California brand that launched in 2015 and only recently started a women's line in 2018. They're relatively new in the fitness apparel world, but I'm willing to give them a try. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops, size PXS in Athleta. I'm wearing size XS in Vuori. 

I went with dusk heather since I'm a sucker for pinks and lilacs. This is a very pretty shade for spring/summer. The hoodie is light weight and will be perfect for warmer weather and summer nights. The fabric feels like butter. I was super surprised at how soft this hoodie is. The fit is definitely generous and the fabric is very stretchy which makes for a super comfortable hoodie.

It's not the most flattering hoodie I've ever worn, but the comfort level is insane and I pretty much decided as soon as I tried it on that this was a keeper. There are no thumbholes but there is a hidden zippered pocket to stash cards or key. This hoodie is a performance hoodie but it's so cozy I never want to take it off. I've been wearing it around the house, I wore it out today to go to Whole Foods. It's a hoodie you want to live in. 

I'm usually not a fan of contrast zippers and drawstring ties but I feel like dusk heather is light enough that it almost blends in. Although I'll admit, I am eyeing the indigo heather even though the contrast is much more discernible.

Hidden Zip Pocket

The length almost covers my bum. It sits at the lower hip and the cut is not exactly boxy, but it's a straight fit. I think this hoodie would definitely look more flattering on someone who is a little taller than I am. 

The zipper runs smoothly and the zipper pull is metal.

I removed the rip tag after I took this photo. =)

It's made of 89% polyester and 11% elastane. The price is $89 for the hoodie. If you're new to Vuori, they offer 20% off your first order but they are practically sold out of everything. I had to order mine from REI. I'm also very interested in their Performance Joggers. If they're anything like the hoodie I definitely want a pair. Unfortunately right now they do not have any petite sizing, but Vuori is launching a petite line in September/October of this year and I definitely want to get my hands on a pair of joggers. 

So far I've found a few places that offer Vuori. I'll link them at the end of this post. What do you think of this hoodie? Yay or nay? I am actually ordering a hoodie and a pair of shorts for my husband to try. I'm curious to see if he thinks they're more comfortable than his favorite hoodie and shorts. That's it for me! Stay safe out there.



Via YogaOutlet - 25% off coupon SUNNY25

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  1. I love your blog and look forward to all the posts amidst all this chaos! It's awful enough already and your posts brighten my day!
    I really like this color! I've been living in my Perfectly Oversized Crew lately. I'll check out this hoodie! Right now I haven't been buying going out clothing since there's nowhere to be. D: But that means lots of LLL :D

    1. Aw thank you! I appreciate comments like yours.

      Is the Perfectly Oversized Crew true to size? I can never tell if I should size down or not. I feel you, I have spent a decent amount on Lulu and Athleta. =T

    2. I sized down and it's still comfortably oversized without looking sloppy. I read the reviews that it can shrink if you use the dryer so I would size up if you want to use the dryer. I let mine air dry and I didn't notice it shrinking. I think since you are petite it would be safe to size down unless you are looking for more length.

    3. Thanks! I'm hoping more colors will be released. =)

  2. I have the performance joggers and I love them! They are so soft, they don’t pill and they don’t bag out at the knees or butt. They are the most comfortable joggers I have! I’m petite, 5’1, 123lbs and I bought a medium. I think small would have been better, but I didn’t want to exchange them and have to wait. I am now a fan of vuori! I really like the hoodie on you. Like the color too (was going to get that color in the jogger but they sold out(Nordstrom’s). Fit looks great too!

    1. Oooohhh. How is the length on those? I assume it's full length on petites like us. Maybe I will give it a try. It's so hard to find sizes online, a lot of the sizes and colors are just completely sold out. Vuori says they're expecting new colors to drop June/July.. so maybe I"ll just wait for that.

    2. I'm 5'-0" and I have two pair of them (they're the only thing I've been wearing in quarantine)! If I pull them down all the way they hit just at my ankles, and still look very cute when I pull the hem up to a "jogger" height. I don't think you'd need to wait for the petite length at all!

      I don't have this zip hoodie you reviewed, but I do have the non-zip version and I assume they are all the same material. The pants feel like HEAVEN. I had splurged on one pair after coming across them at an REI store (back when we used to do things like shopping), and since I've been wearing them exclusively now that I've been WFH, I splurged on a second pair to wear when the first pair are in the wash. Highly recommend!

    3. Oh and I forgot to add I'm 5'-0" 155lb and pear shaped, typically a 4 in Lulu bottoms. I bought mine in S and they give me a loosely fitted fit all over (there is no such thing as loose bottoms when you're pear shaped).

    4. Thanks for your review on the joggers! I think you have convinced me to try a pair.

  3. I tried the Vuori zip hoodie you reviewed a couple of months ago but I didn’t care for the fit on me. It’s quite similar to my Athleta Uptempo hoodie which I like a lot. It looks great on you though!

    I really enjoy you fit reviews, especially with all of the current chaos in the world. Thank you writing these!!

    1. Thank you Jenny! I have a quite a bit of Athleta reviews coming up. Lululemon has been selling out so fast these days, I never can get an order in.

  4. I love your blog and like Janessa said, your posts brighten my day! Even though we don’t have a lot of the non-Lulu brands you’ve reviewed here in Canada, it’s fun reading your reviews and also comments from your readers. Takes my mind off what’s going on this crazy world!

    Honestly there’s nothing special about this hoodie but the color is pretty and it fits you well too! The only thing I don’t like about it is the white zipper. Wish it was tone on tone but maybe they use a white zipper to match the drawstring. The hidden zip pocket is a nice detail!

    Have you ever tried on the Align Jogger Crop? There are mixed reviews and I’m not sure if I should give it a try. Just hate to return these days cos it takes forever, both lining up at the post office and waiting for the refund!

    1. Hi Andrea, always nice to read your comments!! I'm not a huge fan of the white zipper either but the comfort level is so out of this world I caved in this time.

      I did try the Align Jogger Crop last year. It was much too long on me, but I think since you're taller it should work much better for you.

      Tell me about it! I've been waiting for a return from Lulu since April 25th... grrrrr..

    2. Thanks for the link, Leslie! I checked out your review and looks like the cuff is too thick and too loose ... No thanks! :D


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