Upload! April 7th 2020

April 7, 2020

Rather small upload today. How is everyone doing? I'm still working from home and spending a lot of time with my kitties. If you're looking for some cute kitty photos, they have their very own instagram page

I like a couple of things from this upload, but not enough for me to place another order. I apologize if I've repeated some items from previous uploads, it really is getting hard for me to tell what's new every week. 😑 Let me know if you've ordered something recently and how you like your new items! 

(life has been so dreary that this looks refreshing.)

(For camo fans, these look great.)

(I like this, but not for $68.)

(Is this a hint for more to come?)

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  1. Good catch on the Diamond Dye Daydream Ink headband. The print is very pretty. I hope more products will come out!

  2. I'm loving the bright colors but don't love any one piece enough to purchase. Honey Lemon and Phantom Fuchsia are nice, but they were marked down a year ago, so I'll definitely wait on those.

    Pieces are flying off the (online) shelves now that stores are closed. It's like the golden days a few years back when sizes/styles would sell out within a few hours.

    1. Hmmm I noticed that in the Rally Wrap I was interested in. I was hoping it would make it to WMTM, but doesn't look it now!

  3. Nothing for me, but wondering how the Modal Vinyasa Scarf feels ...

  4. Nothing for me but I do like several items! Hopefully something good on WMTM tmr :D

    1. Crossing my fingers for something good tomorrow.


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