Upload! March 3rd 2020

March 3, 2020

Huge upload tonight! There are actually a few items that I really do like. I might put in a small order this week. I'm still debating if I really need another Free To Be Wild Bra - answer is no. But I love the rejuvenate print in dark chrome. I also really like the Align Crop in lunar rock but I just bought the mini space dye print over the weekend for $69. Maybe the lunar rock will eventually make it to WMTM. I also still want to try the Rest Assured Full Zip Hoodie. Has anyone ordered that? So far there aren't that many reviews for it. Anything for you? Let me know what you think of this upload!

(I actually really like this print. It's very pretty.)

(I actually kind of like this, wish it was petite friendly tho!)

(What is going on here?!)

(I almost like this, but not quite.)

(I really love this color, will add it to my wish list- hope it makes it to WMTM.)

(I actually really like this, but why is it $118?!)

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  1. A more interesting upload. The first item that caught my attention was the Key To Your Heart Wrap in Ink Blue and when I look at the price I was like “What?” The price is really ridiculous.

    Remember I did I fit review on the Dare to Drape Long Sleeves for you last season? I really liked the fit but finally returned both colors cos they were CAD 98 each, kind of overpriced for the thin material. The same item was uploaded yesterday and it’s now CAD 74! Not sure if they changed the material but I ordered one to try on anyway. The new pricing is more reasonable.

    Both Lunar Rock and Rejuvenate Dark Chrome are really pretty colors but I don’t intend invest in another Free to be Wild Bra or Align Crop ...

    What do you think of the Noir Crop? It looks so comfy but I’m not too sure about the sash cos I don’t normally tuck my top in. Thoughts?

    1. I tried on the Noir Crop last year, I didn't take any photos because of how bad it was! Here is what I wrote about it-

      "I've had a few readers ask if I have tried on the Noir Crop. I actually did about a month or so ago at the store, but didn't post any photos because of how ridiculous I looked. It was borderline embarrassing to tell you the truth! The crop length was closer to full length on me and the pants were so wide I just laughed and took them off right away. In case you would like to try them on for yourself, they did run true to size in the waist. If you are close to my height, I would stay clear!"

      Unless they changed the fit, it isn't very petite friendly. It might work better on you though since I know you're a bit taller than I am.

    2. Thanks for the advice, Leslie! I tried on the Noir Pant and found the waist too tight where everywhere fitted well, except the length of course! The GEC I know keeps telling me how nice the crop version is so I’m kind of interested. If it shows up in the store I might give it a try!

  2. I also like the new wrap. It seems to be a big blanket scarf, correct? But $118? It's ridiculously overpriced! I'll stick to the Vinyasa scarves I already have in my closet.

    1. I know right? Lulu is out of control at times with their pricing...

  3. I want the Lunar Rock aligns and Chambray! They'll just be on my wishlist for now.

    1. The chambray color is really pretty too. I have never owned a pair of Aligns that light in color. Maybe if they make it to WMTM!


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