Upload! February 11th 2020

February 11, 2020

Pretty small upload tonight. A lot of pink and green items just in time for spring. I actually really like pairing pink and green together, it always makes me smile! That said I don't have a lot of pink or green in my closet. I usually like to admire from afar.

Nothing for me tonight, but I am really interested in the Vinyasa Scarf Modal. It looks very soft and luxurious... but I don't need another scarf! What do you think of tonight's upload?

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  1. Not a pink or green person so nothing for me tonight. I took another look at the Sincerely Yours Wrap Sweater in Tidewater Teal but it does look very green. I remember you mentioning that it’s more blue in person, right? I’m really not a green person but am okay with teal or turquoise etc. Thoughts?

    1. Another option is to get the Sit in Lotus Wrap in Petrol Blue which looks pretty, However, I don’t think you spoke of it ...

    2. I think you may like the tidewater teal, I don't usually wear green either, but this one I think is more versatile than most greens. It's kind of a pastel greenish blue. I think you need to see it in person and then decide! You never know.

    3. The petrol blue Lotus Wrap we decided against it because of the short back. I have pictures of it here, the color is gorgeous though.


    4. Thanks, Leslie! I know I can always count on you for advice!

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