Fit Review! Allbirds Tree Breezers Flats

June 23, 2019

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I really needed some R&R this weekend. I slept for 9 hours the last two nights. Whew. 😴

Today's review are Allbirds Tree Breezers! I missed out on their initial launch and was really quite sad. When I received an email that two colors were back in stock I jumped on it. I ordered a size 5 in the marine blue and a size 5.5 in the seashell gray. I always order two sizes if I'm unsure of the fit. Also, this is not a sponsored post. I really do love Allbirds and so does my husband! 

I'm usually a size 5 in flats. I recently purchased Rothy's pointed toe flats and I fit a size 5 in those. For Allbirds, I would recommend going half a size up. I am exchanging my marine Tree Breezers for a 5.5. These flats are so comfortable I am going to add both pairs to my Allbirds collection. I already have three colors in the Wool Runners.

Seashell Size 5.5

The 5.5 is a perfect fit. The elastic around the comforming collar part of the flat is stretchy and there's literally no break in time. The upper part of the flat is made of a mesh knit which feels soft. I actually found these to be more comfortable than Rothy's. These feel more cushiony and definitely more walkable than the Rothy's. I mainly wear my Rothy's at the office where there is carpeting throughout the building. The Tree Breezers flats are super comfortable and similar to the way sneakers feel. They're very light weight. 

I convinced my sister to purchase a pair and she also says she would definitely buy more of these. I'm waiting for Allbirds to restock in more colors. These are totally addictive like candy!

Neko and Ash checking them out. I think they approve!

The bottom of the sole is made of sugarcane, SweetFoam. I do not recommend wearing these flats out in the rain. I think these are only for dry weather conditions. Similar to all the other Allbirds, these are machine washable as well. I have yet to throw them in the washing machine. As for durability, I can't say yet, but I am hoping they will last quite some time. I will update this post in 6 months and let you know how these hold up. For now, I highly recommend these! I can't wait for my exchange for the marine pair to arrive!

The bottom are slightly dirty since I already worn these out a few times.


Currently ships to USNew ZealandAustraliaCanada, and the UK.

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  1. Those shoes are so cute and look really comfy! I'm gonna check them out. :) My grandma loves the allbirds shoes I bought her since she has bunions and the knit fabric doesn't press against her feet.

    1. Yay! They're very comfy! Glad to hear grandma loves them too. =)

  2. I'm generally a size 7. Do you think I should get a 7.5 or an 8?
    I have particularly sensitive heels, I hope these won't rub them the wrong way :/

    1. Hard to say, I would order both sizes and see which one is more comfortable for you. It's free shipping both ways. That's what I did, I ordered the 5 & 5.5 to see. I ended up keeping the 5.5.

  3. Oh great-I didn't know they offered free shipping to send the size that doesn't work out back to them! Thanks for the info! :)
    Have you worn yours in rainy weather at all? I know you initially reviewed you didn't think they'd be great in wet weather..

    1. I haven't worn them in the rain because of the knit fabric, which means they aren't water proof at all. Also the bottoms do not have much traction, so I would avoid the rain if at all possible. That said if I was just going from the car to indoors and got splashed a bit, that is acceptable to me! If you do get them, let me know what you think!


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