Upload! December 11th 2018

December 11, 2018

I finally got my order that I placed over  a week ago, and this morning I placed another huge order so I should definitely have some good reviews coming up! Nothing for me from tonight's upload. I do think the Align Crops are great in this monochromic black but will refrain from buying another pair of Aligns. Did you get anything?

(I find the logo interesting)

(But $78? 😲)

(Is it just me or does this look purple?)

(I kinda like this!)

(I kinda like this, but if already looks like it's faded from washing.)

(I kinda like the idea of leg warmers, but is it practical?)

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  1. Nothing for me this upload. Still waiting for my order!!! Lulu shipping centre is slower than a snail this year.

    1. Seriously!! They really are taking forever. Although half of my order shipped already. They're splitting it into two packages this time. I wonder if it will be the two day shipping or the slower than snails speed.

  2. LOL! Most other chains hire extra staff around this time of year to keep up with demand. I'm surprised they don't. They said they switch to expedited if they think it will arrive past the promised delivery time (7-9 business days), but they didn't do that with my last order..

  3. I finally ordered the Transformation Wrap in silver drop color but it takes forever to arrive. Has yours arrived yet?

    1. I did get it, but haven't taken photos of it yet, will try to do that this weekend. It is super soft but I fear it may be too delicate for me to keep with all the cats in the house! It is beautiful though.


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