Fit Review Friday! Ivivva Set To Go Jogger Rulu

October 4, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! This review is a continuation of my last post reviewing the Huddle & Hustle Hoodie which I ended up returning. I'll reconsider if it ends up on WMTM. The color is amazing and it is very comfortable but the sleeves are very very long on me.

Here's a new fit review! Ivivva's Set To Go Joggers are made of soft rulu and I'm very pleased with how these fit. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and a size 4 in Lululemon's Aligns. Here I'm wearing a size 12.

 The rulu feels soft and light to medium weight. It's not the thick rulu if that's what you're hoping for. I actually prefer the thinner rulu because it just doesn't get as cold in Atlanta. The waist is elastic with an adjustable drawstring. The length is puuuuurrrfect. My inseam is 26 inches and for once I do not have extra fabric hanging around my ankles.

My hips measure approximately 34 inches and these are a nice fit. There are side pockets which I always approve of. The color is a medium to dark blue that almost looks purple in certain kinds of light. These are so so so comfortable to wear. I have a feeling I will be living in them this fall and winter. I love everything about these joggers, I can't find anything that I don't like about them. I do wish they would come out in more colors! Black is so boring and so is the heathered coal. For $58 they're a steal. 

That's all for me today! I have some Athleta reviews coming up next week. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend everybody!! 

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  1. Thanks for the fit review which I find very useful. I wasn’t interested in the jogger before because from the website pictures, the calf area looks kind of tight and mind you I have thick calves. :(. The fitting looks more relaxed on you and now I’m thinking if I should give it a try,

    At 5’3” I might need to order size 14 for better length (my inseam is 29”) but then the hip might be too loose. Like you, my hips measure about 34”.

    Any advice?

  2. When I get home I'll get exact measurements for you on the inseam and leg opening. I think you can do the size 12 if you don't mind them styled like the girl on their website. It hits right below the calves. If you want them full length I think you need to get the size 14. It will be a little looser on the hip area but may not be too big.

  3. Replies
    1. The inseam is 26 inches and the opening is 9 inches.

    2. Thank you, Leslie! I’d love it to be longer ... Guess it’s an easy pass for me.

      I’ve ordered the Ivivva Rain Shine Jacket in size 14 and will let you know if it fits! First time ordering apparel from Ivivva and wish me good luck! :D

  4. The pants fit well. Nice casual look.

    Regarding the hoodie: if it doesn’t fit well at full price, what will make it different on sale? It still won’t work for you. Save your money for something that’s great.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Can you possibly do more fit reviews per week? I find those very helpful.Thanks

    1. If you have something specific in mind I'll see what I can do. But I normally just do 3 posts per week as I also have a full time job.

  7. How are the Set to Go Joggers holding up for you? Do you find that these have stretched out at all with wear? By the way, your reviews have been very helpful - I am very close to the same size/height as you, so it's been very handy to check your reviews before I order things!

    1. Hi there, I haven't had them for that long, less than a month but I've worn them maybe 3-5 times and they seem to be holding up. Not stretching out at all.
      Thank you for reading! Glad I am able to help. =)


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