Upload! July 31st 2018

July 31, 2018

Tonight's upload is definitely interesting to say the least. Lots of wild and crazy looking prints. I think you'll see them on WMTM pretty soon if you do like them. I'm actually kind of interested in this the Light Strides bra, Hooded Define Jacket and City Street Cardigan. What do you guys think of tonight's upload? I think will be placing a semi large order.

(I can totally wear this to work but it's also $148!) 

(For $78 this bra better be fantastic, I might be crazy enough to order it to try!)

(I think this is pretty cute, I might order to try)

(I have no words!)

(This looks familiar, did they bring this back?)

(If you missed these the last time, they're back!)

(This is also really pretty, I'm kinda tempted!)

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  1. I'm interested in the light strides bra too but the price! I wonder if it's because of the fabric? I've never owned a define (gasp haha) but I like the look of it with the hoodie! I forgot what the name was but I have a jacket similar to the define.

    1. I do think it's because of the fabric, I don't think I own anything made of Ultralu. Is that new?

      I love the look of Define Jackets and I own about 5 of them, but I admit I don't wear them all that often. SO I probably shouldn't order another one at all even if it has a hood!

    2. It seems like ultralu is new! I don't recall other products made of it and I stalk the lulu site haha.

      I think I might try the hooded define! I like hoods on my athletic jackets even though a lot of mine are hoodless.

      I'm waiting for the black satin aligns in the regular length. Might just become my first pair of aligns!

    3. I love aligns so I totally support that purchase of yours. I have I think 6 pairs of crops? Love them all.

      I haven't bought the bra, decided it was too expensive at $78. I will check the site to see if there are any reviews although there haven't been many reviews on new products lately when I look for them.

  2. I kinda like the Light Strides Bra too but the price totally puts me off. I would be interested to read your try-on review. :)

    Saw the Slate Thunder Blue Vinyasa Scarf at a store today and it’s really pretty. Not sure if I will pull the trigger though cos I still like the older version with two visible ribbons when worn.

    Ended up ordering a black and a white Love Crew Tee III which are back in store. Haven’t tried them on before and hopefully they will be flattering on me.


    1. Let me know how you like the Love Crew Tee. I've never tried it because it always looks over sized even on the models which is never good if you're extra petite like me!

    2. The Love Crew Tees just arrived. I ordered them in size 2 and they fit big on me. I don’t mind them being oversized but I’m not sure if I like the material which is kind of thin.

      The deal breaker is actually the workmanship. Wonder if you’ve noticed but I’ve seen puckered seams on so many Lululemon items. I hate it when seams don’t sit straight. They just bulge at the wrong places and can be quite unflattering.

      Not sure if I’m keeping or returning the tees yet.

    3. That sounds like an easy return to me! Doesn't seem to be anything positive thing about the Love Crew Tee. I would return and wait for something else that you really love.

  3. I ended up ordering the hooded define jacket in the camo green color. I had leftover $ on a gift certificate and this was the first thing I've been kind of excited by in a while so I pulled the trigger. Fingers crossed! I don't own a define jacket. What is it about them that makes it so you don't wear them that often?

    1. Mainly because they are very form fitting jackets. So if you're wearing a t-shirt underneath it doesn't look great when zipped up. The fabric tends to bunch and it just looks weird. The jacket only really works well if you're wearing a fitted tank top underneath.

    2. Ah, yea I was kinda worried about that. I never wear tanks cuz I'm not a fan of my arms. Darn. Oh well, I'll see if I can make it work and if not, return it and keep waiting for something else exciting to come out (which may be a while). *sigh


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