Upload! November 14th 2017

November 14, 2017

Nothing for me this week! I've already overspent as it is. I do really like the vintage grape in the Define Jacket. Reminds me of dusty mauve. I also like peony print, but I'm waiting for it in something else besides the Fast & Free Crop, although I may try them on just for the hell of it. Anything for you?

(I think this is really pretty but I'm not allowing myself to buy anymore Defines!)

(This and the toque would make a great Christmas gift!)

(Love this but will never fit on my petite frame.)

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  1. Nothing for me either! Eyeing the mauve-looking Swiftly on F&F Tights on Canada's side. Still waiting for more color releases of DFAR pullover.

    1. I'm trying to stay away from buying anymore Swiftlys but the mauve looks really nice. Might cave if it comes over to the US.

  2. I like the peony print too! I hope they make a wu in that print. Did you get the new werkshop print? Was wondering if you were going to do a fit review?

    1. I just posted a review on the new Werkshop print!


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