USA / Canada Upload! August 29th 2017

August 29, 2017

I kinda really like this Wrap It Up Sweater Heathered Mink Berry!  What do you think? $148 is pretty steep though, but it is made of merino wool. I have two days left on my ban. Hopefully my size will still be available on September 1st! BTW, I returned the Hotty Hot Short in rose quartz, so I'm still going strong! Did you buy anything from tonight's upload? I'm also eyeing the Speed Up Short in aeon.

(MIIIIINE! in 2 days...)

(this is a pretty purple)

(Really happy that I no longer need to shop for winter gear anymore!)

(I know a lot of people like this print, but not for me... the black seams kind of ruin it for me.)

(I am loving this purple!)

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  1. If you do try-ons this week, I'd like to request the Press Pause pullover. It looks cute but the fit could be anywhere! Thanks!

    1. I'll try and go tomorrow after work. If I don't make it I'll def go this weekend!


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