USA / Canada Upload! June 6th 2017

June 6, 2017

I'm loving the breeze by white light print. I'm a little sad it isn't available in the Train Times Crop and might just order the 7/8 version to try. The Speed Shorts are also tempting me. I'll probably place an order tonight after I finish up this post and I'll definitely be going to the mall on Thursday after work to check out the print in person. If there's something you would like me to do a review of let me know!

(I've added this to my cart but really wish it were the crops)

(I feel like these are cheapened by the gray band across the waist)

(I have this in my cart)

(I may order these to try)

(Love this color! Hope to see more.)

(This is intriguing. Sarah pointed out this is actually Scuba IV not III and she may be right, the front logo and the back hood gives it away.)

(I've been meaning to give this pima cotton version a try so I have this in my cart)

(I don't need another scarf but I really like this one)

(I saw this at the store last week and I really like this, just wish they had other colors besides black!)

Anything for you tonight?

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  1. It says Scuba 3 but it looks like the 4 to me.

    1. Sarah, that does look like a Scuba 4 now that you mention it. The front logo is the give away. Interesting!

    2. There are some new colors of the Scuba 3 on the Canadian side 😀

    3. I'll have to take a look as soon as the website comes back up!

  2. That lovely Sweet Date Singlet, upon checkout for me was SOLD OUT! So sad... (not my wallet though... heh!). Ordered myself via my US based address the Train Times 7/8 Pant because the print is just so lovely like marble. Caved in finally for those expensive Pace Perfect 7/8 Tight (from previous upload) because I heard from my peers that it is awesome.

    Looking forward to your next post! Plus, all the best with all the home stuff with the kitchen and all that. Me and my hubs are also in the midst of reorganising our home. Serious white hair moment!!!

    1. I put in a semi large order last night as well. Hopefully the kitchen renovation will be over soon so I can have my photo space back. Right now it's completely covered in IKEA boxes. I'll definitely write up a post about the kitchen renovation experience! It is stressing my husband out completely. He is actually working from home the entire time we have workers coming in and out. Over the weekend, I may have had my first white hair. It looked more like blond, so I can't tell if it's the summer sun that's giving me blond hairs, or if that was really my first white hair! Ahhh.

  3. I ordered sweat date tank again. Now i have all 3 colors and I'm in love!!!!
    I received align crops in blacm current and. Boysenberry. They look too similar!!! I probably return boysenberry since I like muted color little more on me.
    I like to see white light speeds short when i hit the store. I recently purchased speed shorts high rise in black and thinking about returning them. I love fit and everything but another pair of black shorts don't excite me much...
    I hope kitchen renovation goes fantastic!! I wonder how it will come!!

    1. I knew you were going to order the Sweat Date tank. Soon as I saw it, I just knew you were gonna get it! I agree, the boysenberry looks almost black, so I would keep the black currant as well. I'm still tempted by the black currant.

      I will definitely post about the kitchen renovation when it's done! I'm really excited but my husband is so stressed out, it's so funny how different we are when it comes to things like this.

  4. Loving how summery the breeze by white light print is too! I'm loving the Bleacher Blue swiftly tank too... ahh must not spend money... Love Figue too, can't wait to see what other items this color comes out in. If it comes in Hotty Hot shorts...might have to buy it.

    Can't wait to see what you ordered and definitely can't wait to see before and after pics of your kitchen! So exciting!!

    1. This was actually a really good upload. But I am hoping figue comes out in a lot more items, unlike quicksand. Crossing fingers!

      So far by the end of today, the cabinets will be up and done. Then it's the two week wait for the custom counters to be made. Hopefully by the end of the month we will be able to cook again!


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