USA / Canada Upload! June 20th 2017

June 20, 2017

Another decent upload tonight. I have 4 items in my cart at the moment. I haven't decided if I will pull the trigger just yet, but I probably will. I love that the return policy is now 30 days. Really lets me sit and think about the purchases. I'm hoping they will release more tanks in velvet dust. Did you buy anything tonight? If so, let me know what you got!

(At least it isn't Bordeaux Drama?)

(I have this in my cart)

(Love this color but I already have Alberta Lake so I don't think I need it?!)

(These photos are very reminiscent of Nike to me)

(I'll admit I'm actually tempted by these, but the price!)

(The eyelets are interesting, but not really my style)

(Wish she looked a little more alive in this picture)

(I really like this color and may have to give this tank another try)

(Really wish they never discontinued the FTBW bra)

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  1. I still never bought Fast & Free Crops... definitely keeping my eye on the color choices. The Black Currant Align crops are gorgeous! I'm loving the Jaded and Submarine colors. If you get a chance, please let me know how the Jaded Speed Shorts fit! Thanks!

    I def kept my Velvet Dust Hotty Hots, but returned the 3 Swiftly tanks. I figure I'll grab them if they end up on wmtm, otherwise I'll wait to pay full $ on a color I 'absolutely need'. It was so hard to return them... :(

    I would so buy an energy bra in Velvet Dust too... wish they were still doing FTBW's and did a Velvet w/ Boysenberry or Currant straps.. :P

    1. I love some onesie's and I'm totally loving the Chase Me Onesie that came out in the UK... when/if that comes to the U.S., definitely going to order them to try. :X

    2. I ordered the black currant Aligns! That's the color purple I've been waiting for... will let you know if I go to the store this weekend for the jaded Speeds.

      I'm going to return my Swiftly too. Been ordering too much stuff online, so have to be super selective with what I keep now.

      I like the idea of a the Chase Me Onesie, but I don't know if I can deal with the annoying bathroom routine everytime... is that just me? I will try them for a review for sure if they ever make it to the US.

      I think you would love the Fast & Free Crops actually. The dark adobe color is right up your alley!

  2. Picked up the jaded aligns in store and ordered the submarine Define, black currant aligns, intended bras to try and some misc bathing suits. Wish I had jumped on the Align bandwagon sooner. Got my first pair a month ago and wish I had every color!!

    1. Align crops are my go to when I want to wear something super comfortable. (Which is almost all the time). I think I have 4 pairs now, but just ordered two more! The submarine Define is super tempting, but I have to say no since I have 5 already... and I have to remind myself I won't be wearing jackets in this summer heat.

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog (found it via Suzanne at AA) and love the content! I'm a runner and yogi, love LLL's older stuff and haven't bought anything in a while, but this week I bought the Define jacket.
    Interested in the line up racer back only for the color. I too am disappointed they discontinued the FTBW, I have 5 of them.

    1. Hi Shirley! Welcome! I definitely feel like I'm buying less this year, compared to last year. I actually keep an excel spread sheet with how much I spend at Lululemon every year. Which color Define did you get?

    2. I got the new submarine color. Considered last week's blue one but then it sold out. I like the blue-green submarine color better, it's all good!

    3. It's crazy how some Defines sell out super fast. I did like that seascape blue. I was thinking if I was a blonde I would be all over it...

  4. That Velvet pink is so beautiful!!


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