USA / Canada Upload! April 25th 2017

April 25, 2017

The one time I look at the upload late and I miss out on the Anew Bra in quicksand! I really love that color and definitely want something in it. I seriously can't believe all sizes are sold out. Did anyone manage to get one? Overall, not a bad upload. I have a few things in my cart and I'm still deciding what I want.

In other news, my order from last week came in. It looks like I'll be keeping the Sculpt Tank in size 4. The size 2 is just a tad too narrow in the chest. It's not tight, but I prefer a wider chest so it hides more of the bra. Not sure if that makes sense! I'm also returning the Low Key Tank in black and keeping it in dark forest. The black just looked like a sack and was hard to see any shape. The dark forest looked better for sure. I'm also debating on ordering it in heathered vapor. As for sizing, I sized down to a 2. There wasn't a huge difference from the size 4, but definitely an improvement.

Did you order anything tonight?


(I definitely also want something in magnum and this would have went perfectly with the Anew bra in quicksand. I have this in my cart. I just don't know if I should get the size 2 or the size 4.)

(Since I missed out on the Anew Bra in quicksand I added this to my cart. I also have the Define Jacket in dusty mauve from last year and not sure if I will like this enough to keep both. It's a maybe.)

(I know a lot of people are excited about these but I'm not obsessed with them.)

(Hmm is it just me, but I'm getting a little tired of black currant and black grape.)

(I actually quite like this but being so petite I do not think I can pull this off.)

(I actually saw this in person and it is super cute. I want this but will wait for more colors hopefully.)

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  1. I got the go lightly shoulder bag in forest as the previous 3 colours just sold out so fast so I decided to grab it before it goes away. I was debating between the backpack or shoulderbag but decided on the shoulderbag as it's smaller and I wanted something slightly bigger than the festival bag.
    I am also considering the wunder under 7/8 tight high rise in the formation print as it looks so fine on the model. She and another model make the pants look so good and I am always tempted by them.

    1. Hi Alicia, The formation print is nice, but I'm not a huge fan of full on luxtreme. The Go Lightly shoulder bag will be a nice everyday bag.

      I ended up placing a semi big order last night. Hopefully I'll return most of it!

  2. Glad to hear some of the Sculpt and Low Key Tanks worked out for you! I love the Black Currant and Marvel LS Swiftly but it's just so difficult to spend $80 on a LS in this weather (but sooo preeeeettyyy).

    We went to Perimeter last night (after Shake Shack!) and I tried 3 sizes of the Arise Bra Nulu - I loved the material but the bra just didn't work for me. :( I have a longer torso and shorter legs, so the part of the bra around the neck just seemed too tight? Size up band/bra part didn't work. Really wanted to love it too! I got home and ordered the Sculpt 2 in size 4 black, blue tied, and marvel to try. Love that it's UPF.

    1. I would hold out on the LS Swiftlys, they may go on sale and snag them then!

      You guys were right across the street from me haha! Too bad about the Arise Bra! I see what you mean, the halter straps weren't long enough for you. Bummer!

      Oh nice on the Sculpt Tank splurge! I placed a semi big order as well. I'll have a nice fit review up for you coming up soon. Not this Friday but the next one after.

    2. Ohhh good point on the LS Swiftly going on sale. I'll keep watching and hoping... :P Can't wait for the fit review! Ohhh I'll let you know when we go back to Shake Shack (unfortunately it's usually a last min decision)! Love that place!

    3. Me too! It's much better than the Buckhead location.

  3. FYI, don't know if you noticed that the Low Key tank dropped 10 dollars from 54 to 44...

    1. I did! I got mine for $44. $54 really is kind of high for it, but wouldn't be surprised either.

  4. I ordered define in quicksand!! I have major obsession on quicksand color. I wanted in anew bra but i guess they sold out already???
    I decided to return align in black currant. Maybe I'll get it in align crop. I love the color but I cant get over the baggy ankles.
    What did you order? I can't wait to see your major review!!!

    1. I agree, I have one pair of Align Pant and 3 pairs of Align Crops. No more pant versions for me because of the baggy ankles. I was hoping I would see black currant in the crop version but so far, no.
      I ordered the Define Jacket in quicksand, the Anew bra to try on, Anew Singlet, Scuba Hoodie. I'll have it up next week!


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