USA / Canada Upload! March 8th 2017

March 7, 2017

Nothing for me today. I really haven't spent much on Lulu so far this year. I did buy a few things in January but I calculated up the total and it came out to $223.78. For February I spent zero on Lulu because of my ban. So far March I've spent again zero dollars because I used a gift card to purchase my new Swiftly tank. I've actually spent quite a bit more at Athleta by comparison. So far a little bit over $400. I've also decided to sell a few more things on eBay. So far 2017 is looking good for my bank account!

Anything for you tonight?

(Nice green, but I had something similar to this in the past)

(this is actually kind of nice from the side but ruined it with the floating butt seam)
What is up with that?!

(my 20 year old self would have liked this but I think I'm getting too old for hot pink these days)

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  1. I like dash and splash visor. I hope its mesh doesn't worn out too much after wash. I have other cap with performative mesh, and it's torn after a few hand wash. :(
    I like new upload but not in love. Well well well...
    My hubby should be happy. Lol

  2. Yes, butt crack seam ruined the smooth stride crop. & the henna colour's so...nude. :/ I have over $200 in gift cards that I just can't spend for the life of me...still waiting for something super desirable to come out!

    1. Wow! I guess just be patient and wait. I'm sure something will eventually come along for you to use your gift cards on!

    2. I'm actually hoping for a long rain jacket! Here in Vancouver, it'll get plenty of use! =)

  3. There is 21% discount at the store to honor international women's day. I went to the store and got a pair of speedy shorts in dark crome. I really like dark crome color. I liked new green but just not for me. I dont look good in vivid green.

    1. I didn't know about the 21% discount. That's great. I wonder why 21% though? Was there any meaning behind that number?


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