WMTM Update!

February 9, 2017

Looks like there was a decent amount uploaded today, but after perusing over the items, I found a few worth noting about.

(I like this color but I have not tried this on, can anyone comment on the fit?)

(I think this print is one of the better ones lately)

(Of course the shorts went on sale after I bought them!)

So nothing for me since I'm on a ban... JCrew is having another 25% - 30% off your purchase and I'm totally itching to buy another one of those Singlet bags, but I'll refrain.

Tomorrow is Friday YAY! I made it though my second week of work. And I'm super happy to announce I'll have a fit review for you all tomorrow! Check back later tonight. I have to get some cardio in, some dinner and then I'll write up a new review. I'm pretty excited about this one.


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