USA / Canada Upload! December 18th 2016

December 18, 2016

Much to my surprise I checked Lululemon just on a whim and I saw new items!  Probably smart to do a last push for guaranteed arrival before Christmas.  I'm tempted to order a few things to try myself.  I've been avoiding going to the malls these past few weeks due to all the holiday shoppers.

I'm debating on a few items.  Anything for you?

(this one actually looks pretty)

(I would love to try these but I already know they will not work out because I'm so short)

(tempted to order these also)

(really wish Pace Rivals looked better on me)

(tempted to order this one also since I prefer this over Nocturnal Teal)

(really need to try this bra again since FTBW bras are going away)

(I'm waiting for a lot of Speed Shorts to go on WMTM)

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