Store Try Ons! Free To Be Zen Bra & Speed Short

December 20, 2016

Just wanted to quickly post about my store visit yesterday.  They didn't have anything new.  The store did look sort of ran sacked from holiday shoppers.  I did try on a few Free To Be Zen Bras.  I've been meaning to give them another try.

All three bras are the same size but each one fit differently.  The midnight tulle fit the tightest on me.  The back straps gave me a bit of back fat.  The iridescent one was looser and the fit was just right.  The plume fit a bit loose.  It also gaped at the neckline.  I found this all strange and decided that from now on, if I want to purchase another FTBZ bra I need to buy them in person.  I think I also prefer the Nulux fabric which is what the iridescent and plume are made of.  It's a bit softer and stretchier.

I really love this pattern of the Speed Shorts, but the size 4 fit a little bigger than my other Speeds.  I didn't purchase but it's on my wish list.  

New holiday shopper!

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