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November 1, 2016

Hmm.... the only thing that's really calling me maybe the alberta lake Align Crops.  Finally there are some new FTBW bras, but boring colors.  I still want the 5 Mile Jacket in darkest magenta.  I'm hoping it will make it to WMTM.  Anything for you tonight?  What's on your Wish List?

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(not a fan of the high collar, reminds me too much of a turtle neck)

(not a fan of pullovers.  Messes up my hair and I get hot easily)

(I like the color, but that's about it)

(I'm really tempted to buy these!  In my cart.)

(I like this, but I wish it was heathered)

(this has potential but I'm not digging the hi-rise)

(looks like black to me!!)

(Actually really digging this duffle!)

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  1. Im digging for align crop in alberta lake. :D
    Yay it's November!!!!

    1. Haha, does that mean you're getting them? I'm so tempted....

    2. Im heading to the store tomorrow!! Let's see what will happen to my wallet. ;)

    3. Let me know if the alberta lake align crops are keepers. I'm debating on ordering rather than go to the store.

    4. I tried both pants and crops today. Nocturnal teal is very similar to the deep indigo, so easy pass. I liked the alberta lake crops but not in love. It just wasn't perfect. Maybe because i dont usually look good on dark green shade.

    5. For store review, i tried the nulux florence today too. I really love how the material feels but it was way too sexy when I wore. I felt like to go to club, not to the gym. My husband said i looked like a lady wearing a sexy pantyhose without a skirt!! I was so disappointed since I also bought a leather jacket to match this from topshop. If i got a same look as you did, I probably snatched them. :(
      I also tried shibori wu in blk/wht and i liked them too. I decided to wait for the mauve/black color way. I bought an ambleside crew ss. Just because it was marked down at my local store. lol

    6. That's too bad about the alberta lake crops. I guess I'll have to see those for myself. Phew on nocturnal teal, glad I also have the deep indigo as well. I ended up returning the florence tights also, but if they end up on markdown for less than $100 I may reconsider lol! I hope they release the mauve/black shibori, I wonder what is taking them so long.

  2. Nothing new that I wanted but I went into the store today and bought the Embrace the Space jacket unexpectedly. The fabric was like a pillow, something I'd take one of each in. Ha!!

    1. It's kind of spongy isn't it? I didn't try it on when I saw it at the store. Is it a boxy fit?

    2. I thought it'd be more boxy but surprisingly it drapes nicely in the back on me. A little spongey and very stretchy but I I like it!


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