Guest Review from Sarah- Speed Tight V Brushed Black Cherry

November 18, 2016

Sarah was nice enough to send me some photos of the new Speed Tight V (brushed) in black cherry.  The Speed Tight IV never worked for me because of my short legs, but now that it looks like the new version is indeed shorter, I may give these another try.  

From Sarah-

"I have the first pic where you see the Speed IV (in black luxtreme) compared to the Speed V in Black Cherry (brushed Full-On luxtreme). You can see that the Vs are a bit shorter than the IVs. They fit the same. Plus I am only about 5'4'' so I actually prefer the shorter version, but miss the ruching detail!

The brushed fullux feels very smooth, a bit more 'velvety' than fullux, but not as 'brushed' as the speed IV brushed tights (mine are currently in the wash!). I prefer the newer version! Also this one is made with Nylon and the IVs brushed fullux was mostly polyester.

I love speeds and have 5 pairs of the IV, and now one pair of the V, may get more if they go on markdown. I am not a fan of the full mesh back on the non-brushed version."

 Thank you again Sarah!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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