USA / Canada Upload! October 4th 2016

October 4, 2016

Pretty disappointing upload.  I don't think there's anything I would order from tonight's offerings.  Maybe I'll put in an order for what I have in my cart from last week's upload.  I will say I am loving the darkest magenta.  I'll try and wait for those in the Align Crop.  Anything for you guys tonight?

(not a fan of the high neck line otherwise I would consider it)

(I kinda like this but unsure about the sleeves and the scooped hem)

(I like this, but I like the herringbone one more)

(these look like Pucci knock offs for real, lol)


(Oh how I wish these fit petite chicks)

(I like these but I'm not a fan of Full On Luon)

(I may actually order this?  I'm curious)

(figures we wouldn't get the darkest magenta color)

(Finally a new FTBW bra but too bad it's sort of boring)

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  1. I still love lululemon but what are they thinking with some these prints! Honestly I am not a high pucci fan but I am sure someone will love them. Super excited for tomorrow, my Alexander McQueen wallet arrives from Nordstrom!! I will let you know what I think and maybe some pictures too in the next week.

    1. OOOOHHH I am way excited for your new McQueen wallet! I definitely would love to see photos and what your thoughts are on the wallet!! Congrats!!

  2. Would love to hear a review of the conduit crops!

    1. OK! Will do my best to get a review of these up!

  3. I need those magenta inspires in my life 😊

  4. I ordered the conduit full tights. I do like mesh and stripes so I went for it. I hear there's very little stretch along the mesh but I'm willing to give them a shot.

    1. Nice! Would love to hear what you think about it when you get them. I also placed an order for the crop version. 👍🏻


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