Australian Upload! July 11th 2016

July 11, 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'm pretty excited this week!  There are a couple of items I definitely have my eye on.  The Be Present Jacket is finally back!  And the herringbone Define Jacket in the heathered black/white will be something I might get.  That's been on my wish list forever.  Let's see what we get in tomorrow's upload.

Back view

I am absolutely loving this print, I may need to get this!

Back View

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  1. I so want the Tofino teal be present too!! It look gorgeous...

    1. I love the color, but I almost wish it was heathered Tofino teal rather than solid.

  2. Im in love with free to be bra in mini paont storm espresso!! I never wore free to be bra yet, so i will try them on when i go to the store this weekend!! So excited!!

    1. I'm almost tempted to order that and the matching headband!


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