Australian Upload! June 13th 2016

June 13, 2016

Greetings from New York!  I'm here visiting my family and friends for a week.  In the light of what's happened yesterday in Orlando, it makes this trip even more poignant.  Spend some time with your family and loved ones.  Life is short and this senseless violence needs to stop.  My heart is feeling heavy for all that are affected.  I've been reading about the victims and it's so heartbreaking how young they all are.  It makes me miss my husband even more so that he's not with me on this trip.

All Sport Bra in Nami Wave
Free Spirit Bra in Yum Yum Pink (this is really pretty)

Back view of Free Spirit Bra

Intensi Tee in Heathered Pipe Dream Blue

Think Fast Hoodie in Thin Pin Stripe

Scuba Hoodie in Tonka Stripe Boom Juice Pipe Dream Blue (kinda teeny bopper ish?)

Daily Practice Jacket in Space Dye Camo Hero Blue

Beat The Heat Tight in Hero Blue

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