Fit Review! Define Jacket Exhale, Precision Jacket, Wunder Under Crop, Race To Pace Run Hat

May 2, 2016

I went to a couple of Lululemon's over the weekend.  I was looking for a few things to try on in person.  One of the items was the Define Jacket Exhale edition in red grape.  I have the regular define in bordeaux drama with some laser cut holes in the back and thought if I liked the new version better I would sell my old one.  Fortunately the new Define Jacket did not meet my expectations.  

Define Jacket Exhale in Red Grape Size 4

I took my usual size 4 in Defines, but this one was noticeably lumpy.  The pockets have seams across them and when I zipped up the jacket you can see the seams very clearly.  I did not like this at all.  They also made the stripe going across the top part of the chest thinner.  You can see it in the above photo.  That also doesn't appeal to me.

The fit also seems to be tighter than my other Define Jackets.  I definitely prefer my older Define Jackets.  I think I may be done buying another more of these jackets.  The quality has definitely gone down while the price has gone up.  This one in particular is $128 + tax.  Easy pass.

Shown here are the Wunder Under Crops in Kara Blossom

Back shot

I wanted to also try on the WU in kara blossom again.  This time I tried on the size 4 and 6.  It seems like these are made out of some kind of denim blend which makes them less stretchy than usual.  I'm usually a 4, but in these they seems super tight.  I tried the 6, and those were too loose.  

Wunder Under in Kara Blossom

I have to pass these up.  It's too bad because the print is awesome.  I also picked up this cute cap.  I'm not usually a cap kind of person, but with all the sun I'm getting in Atlanta, I can use the shade.

Race To Pace Run Hat in Blooming Pixie White

And lastly, I found the Precision Jacket in chain link lilac deep zinfandel, which I've been lusting over since Canada got it a few weeks ago.  But my usual size 4 was SUPER tight on me!

I was in a rush so I didn't grab the size 6 to see if that would have been a better fit.  I'm almost never a size 6, I don't think I have any Lulu in a 6 because it is usually too big in the arms and chest and the sleeves are always super long.  But next time I'm at the store I'll try on the 6 to see.

Back is super tightly stretched =(

I love the zipper detail!

The quality of this jacket looks amazing.  I love all the details.  At $118 I think I would have shelled out the money if it fit me.  The color is gorgeous in person.  The lighting in the fitting room is dark, so you can't see all the gorgeous purpleness in the jacket!  I may be back at the mall this Wednesday, so I'll let you know what happens!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! The Precision Jacket looks great on you, even if it's tight!

    1. Thanks! There's so many items I want after tonight's upload! Ack.

  2. I really like Precision jacket but waiting for some discount. I have the define jacket *se version with little flare on back. It's my yoga go-to jacket everyday and i love it. I was thinking getting another define jacket and I guess i better go with classic one.

    1. I have 4 Define Jackets and wear them all pretty regularly. It's a little too warm now for the Herringbone one but it's so soft I love it to death. I want to add the Precision Jacket to my collection but want to see how the 6 fits me.

  3. Did you find you needed to size up on the precision jacket compared to the define jacket? Debating if I should pick one up on WMTM. Thanks!

    1. It depends. If you're petite and short like me, chances are if you size up it will be too big. I found it to be more snug than the define. But if you're of average height and taller, sizing up would probably work for you. But on my petite frame the arms were much too big. It fit everywhere on me except when I zipped it up. Too tight around the hips and waist. I tried the size 6 vs the size 4, and it didn't work. Too much material. If i were to buy this, I would get it in my normal size and just wear it open like a blazer.

  4. Yes looks good open as a blazer. I will try one size up to see how it fits. Thank you! Wanted to also say, love your blog! Thanks for all your posts and keeping us posted on everything lulu :)

    1. Awesome! Let me know how it works out for you! You're welcome =) I like to be able to help as much as I can.


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