USA / Canada Upload! December 29th 2015

December 29, 2015

Now that Christmas is over I guess we're back to one upload per week again.  Although the twice a week uploads were pretty uneventful.  This week it looks like Lululemon is rolling out the swim wear.  I asked my husband, "Isn't it a little too soon for swim stuff?"  He says, "No because people will be going on vacation and Spring Break is coming up.  It's usually end of January and beginning of February."  That kind of makes sense but I'm still skeptical.  We just got out first snow fall last night and after eating so much for the holidays, I don't feel like trying on any swim suits just yet!  So I won't be posting any swim wear unfortunately.

My pick for this week is the High Times Pant.

High Times Pant Full On Luxtreme in Star Pixel Aquamarine

Pace Rival Crop Space Dye Peacock

Stop at Nothing Crop Full on Luxtreme in Fleur Sombre Fatigue Green

Festival Bag in Blooming Pixie Multi 

I really like the Blooming Pixie Print and super tempted to get this bag.  Or anything in this print!

Flow Y Bra in Blooming Pixie Multi

For Canada they got a better upload in my opinion.  My pick for Canada is definitely the new define jacket.  I'm returning the slate gray one I bought in NY in hopes we will get this version.

Define Jacket in Diamond Jaquared Berry Rumble.  Gorgeous!

Scuba Hoodie III in Swift Current Raspberry

Pace Rival Crop Full On Luxtreme in Blooming Pixel Raspberry

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