Review! Werkshop Galaxy Leggings by Ghost & Stars!!

December 28, 2015

Thanks to AgentAthletica's post I ordered these amazing leggings.  Seeing she purchased a size XS, I decided to go up a size.  I don't like my pants to fit too tight especially in the waist area so I went with the size small.  For reference I'm normally a size 4 in Lululemon WU and High Times Pants.  Thankfully these are not loose in the calf area which was what I was worried about.  They fit surprisingly well, not too loose not too tight, so I'm a very happy girl.  I already wore these out casually with my new Scuba Hoodie.  Is it a little too much pattern?  Maybe.  But totally fun!

You can purchase the Galaxy Leggings here.  They are $88 but made in the USA!  The material is on the thin side, so walking around 40 something degree weather in Boston was a bit chilly but if you walk at a good clip, it isn't bad.  Next time I'll wear them with boots.

And if these don't rock your boat, they have plenty of other unique leggings for you to try here.  I'm totally eyeing the Circus Girl and Unibear leggings.  If these are too crazy for you (I love crazy) the Dragon print is pretty cool too.

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