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November 10, 2015

Love the Tender Violet Down items.  The Down For A Run Jacket doesn't work well on my petite body, so I may have to get the vest instead in this color.  Although I wonder if we will get more down items in the Berry Rumble color since we did get this in the mittens.

Down For A Run Jacket in Tender Violet.  Sooooo Pretty!  

Down For A Run Vest in Tender Violet.  I definitely want to try this.

Scuba Hoodie III in Bordeaux Drama - Probably end up ordering this for sure.  I'm a sucker for burgundy!

Swiftly Tech Racerback in Raspberry Glo Light.  Love the color but not sure on the print.

Free To Be Wild Bra in Flashback Static Blue Sapphire.

Speed Tight IV Rulu in Tender Violet, I like these would like to try.

Align Pant in Blue Sapphire.  I need to try a pair of these.  I've been hearing amazing things about them.

Run Speed Short in Raspberry Glo.  These are cute I want them!

Divinity Scarf in Black Grape.  I am a fan of cape looking things so I might try this if I see this at the store. 

Down For a Run Mittens in Berry Rumble.  Love this color, I find mittens super cute but don't know if I would ever really wear them!  If they have this in the Down For A Run Jacket I might be seriously tempted.

Wunder Under Crop III in Flashback Static

Canada got these goodies I like-

Daily Practice Jacket in Jeweled Magenta

Speed Tight IV Rulu in Forage Teal

Run Times Short Tender Violet

Wild Tank in Bon Bon

I want to place an order but I haven't yet.  Might wait until I get to the store this week to try things on!

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