UK Upload!! November 30 2015 Cyber Monday

November 29, 2015

It's past 8pm here on the east coast, and I'm wondering when our upload will hit.  Will it be midnight?   In the meantime here are a few things I would like from the UK upload.

Cool Racerback Shine On SE in Pigment Wind Berry Rumble.  I actually saw this in the store today but the fitting room line was ridiculous.  I love the print but not sure about the thin back strap.

Scuba Hoodie II in Righteous Stripe Bordeaux Drama.  I don't usually like the Scuba II because of how stiff it is, but I love this print.  

Down For a Run Vest in Berry Rumble.  I might have to get this just because of the color!  LOVE it.

Down Right Cozy Pullover in Black.  Why couldn't this be a zip up jacket?

Radiant Jacket in Giant Herringbone Heathered Black.  I love all things Herringbone so I would want to try this.  I've been mainly avoiding this jacket because of the bland colors available so far.  Even though this doesn't look much different from normal black, so we'll see.

Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise SE in Bordeaux Drama Pigment Wind Berry Rumble

I've been avoiding the Fringe Fighter Headband because I LOVE my Bang Busters to death but I may give in and get one of these, it looks very cute in this print.  Shown in Poppy Petals Berry Rumble.

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