Store Visit Today Sapphire Blue Swiftly SS, High Times Pant Tender Violet, Rebel Runner Crop, Toasty Tech Tights

November 19, 2015

This was a very dangerous visit today.  Lots of new things to try on.  I think I went in with 10 items.   I was in that fitting room for a long long time.

First up are the new Sapphire Blue in the Swiftly SS.  I love how soft the material felt and the blue is a very dark navy blue.  It's not as bright as I hoped, but I liked it enough to take it home.  $58.  Ouch!  But I already took it for a run and I'm pretty happy with the purchase.  It is my first Swiftly SS.  I would get more if there were other colors that interested me.  For reference I'm a size 4 in Swiftly tanks and tees.  I also wanted to try the long sleeve version as well, but the store didn't have a size 4.  Bummer.

Love my neon green socks, don't you?  =)

I'm also wearing the High Times Pant in the Space Dye Tender Violet in size 4.  These fit amazingly well and oh so soft.  I really want them but I don't think I could wear these out casually.  $98 for lounge pants kind of hurts.  If I won the lotto, they would be mine!  

Another shot with the matching Vinyasa Scarf.  

Since I left the High Times Pant, I bought the scarf.  Very soft and super comfortable.  Does not feel constrictive at all like some of the other ones.

Rebel Runner Crop in Giant Herringbone Tender Violet

This was the first time I tried on the Rebel Runner Crops.  As I'm only 4 feet 11, these fit more like pants on me.  I love the color of the crops, but the black cuff at the bottom makes my legs look even shorter.  Also the ankles are loose on me and there is a zipper detail which is nice, but this sadly did not work for me.  And as usual, these are a size 4.

Toasty Tech Tights in Black Grape in Size 4.

I've tried these on before in the past, in the black, and they looked a little big for some reason.  But this pair looks much better on me.  It's hard to tell that these are not black.  They are a super dark purple and very warm and soft.  I think these would be great to have in the upcoming winter months.  I took these home but haven't removed the tags yet.  I'm leaning towards keeping them.

I was going to try these WU pants on but I couldn't get past how bad the butt looks.

Before I forget this is a picture of Raspberry Glo Light with all the other CRBs.  Just so BRIGHT!

When I got home from the store I went for a run.  Here's my outfit- Blue Sapphire Swiftly SS, Heather Jeweled Magenta Define and Mesh With Me Crop in Black Animal Swirl.  

After my run, I went into the city to do some returns and shopping.  Here's my Fluffin Awesome Jacket and my new Vinyasa Scarf.  Hat is from J.Crew kids.  

Went into Athleta to try on their down vest.  It just looks poofy on me.  I fit a size XXS.

Athleta's Down Jacket in size XXS.  This was better, but still think Lululemon fits me better.

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