Hong Kong Upload November 24, 2015

November 25, 2015

I don't usually post about HK uploads but they got some decent items this week!  Lots of Berry Rumble which makes me super jealous.

Fluffed Up Jacket in Berry Rumble

Swiftly Tank in Heathered Berry Rumble.  This I LOVE!  If it comes in a short sleeve I want that too!

Speed Tight IV in Pigment Wind Berry Rumble.  I've tried on so many Speed Tights lately, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  These look super cool.

Wunder Under Pant III SE in Berry Rumble.  These look pretty bad.  If they didn't have the crotch seams I think it would have been better.

High Times Pant in Poppy Petals Dark Slate.  I like the print but I dislike Luon.  Would prefer Luxtreme.

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